Saturday Digest

 ►I was told of a new antique store in Columbus a couple of weeks ago, but when I stopped, it was closed due to illness.  So, I peaked in the window.  I think I need to go back, don't you?

►Are you a bird lover?  bird watcher?  I found this Cornell Lab of Ornithology site that is full of information!  This link on their site takes you to a number of bird cams, I love watching birds!

►Amy of Four Corners Design is posting a "shelfie a day" on instagram through May -#shelfieaday- I'm joining in.  Maybe you would like to also?  Or just follow along.  (user name jillruth) Should be fun! :)  

►Kerrie at Sea Cottage is having a may enter until May 10th...she has a beautiful and peaceful blog!  You may already be a regular visitor there, if not check it out and breath in the sea air...

►Our dance recital (two performances) is today for two of my girls. There was a costume malfunction at dress rehearsal last night so I have some stitching to do this morning!  My little "mad scientist" is the one all buttoned up.

~Enjoy the rest of your weekend!~


  1. A trip back to the antique store looks like a fun outing. Enjoy the concert - I hope it all goes well today.

  2. yes...the shelfies have been glad you are joining in with your fabulous photos...

  3. Oh thank you for sharing my Giveaway.

    I am not on IG but I have been hearing about shelfies? what is it? I am guessing photos of shelf vignettes? Your mad scientist is adorable!!!!


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