Have A Seat...Or A Hundred....Picture Ladened Post

Awhile back I posted my daughter's instagram photo of chairs from an antique store in Columbus.  Well, a couple of weeks ago, I went back to take some pictures at the store.

Who doesn't love a good chair?

And, if it's old...all the better!

We probably all define a "good" chair differently.
Maybe it's a good chair if it sits in an very old building with brick walls....

or it may have some matching friends....

or maybe it has a lot of mismatched friends,

or it used to sit in a 1950s dining room...

perhaps it has upholstery nails...

You tell me. 

What draws you to a chair?



Kind of wood?

One that elicits memories?

So many choices..

No, no chairs came home with me on this day.  

I currently don't have an opening for another chair, but I do enjoy interviewing them!

For anyone local, the shop is Colonial Antiques in downtown Columbus.   Stay tuned for part 2.  They actually sell far more than chairs, ha!


  1. LOL tables to go with the chairs?? Oh what a fun time browsing in this store!!

  2. Definitely all of the above!!!
    Fabulous photos dear Jill ♥

  3. So many wonderful chairs. I need to find one for our old/new desk. I wish we had a place like yours around here.

  4. I love them all together like that. I would have to say I like a good solid wood chair...but I do also like rustic iron parts for the industrial look. Though every chair in my home is solid wood and square in shape. I have vintage and modern.

  5. I'll take one with peeling paint. I have a few I never got around to refinishing. I can't bear to cover over the beautiful Oak wood tho. And I can't bare to get rid of them.


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