Friday Finds: Floor Lamp and a Creepy Clown Face

As with so many things old....I have an affection for floor lamps.  Mostly I have project floor lamps that need rewiring, tightening, spiffing up... I went looking for one that I could just plug in and use.  Well, I didn't find one, but for the price of this one, I couldn't leave it. (Which is why I have project lamps!)

This one still needs "spiffing up".  It's been painted (so so job) and could used a good cleaning.  Not sure if I'll do anything about the paint.  Considering how many lamps I have that need work, pretty sure I won't, ha!

The shade is tattered, but not quite in a chic way. :)  I may have another shade to replace it or alter this one.  Well, I have quite a few shade waiting to be altered also...

My favorite part of a floor lamp like this: the graceful curves of the three arms that hold the light bulbs peaking out from under the shade.

I also loved the finial until I took the picture of it and saw a creepy clown face!!  When the light isn't shining with a black background, it just looks neat, really!

In spite of it's flaws it still has panache, and I'm happy I brought it home!  

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  1. lovely old lamp and it looks perfect for that spot.

  2. Love old lamps too ... and you've found a great one !
    I didn't notice the creepy clown face at first ... funny :-)
    Enjoy the weekend,

  3. I'm looking for just such a lamp. You'll make it wonderful!

  4. Oh, the lamp is just gorgeous. I love to re-purpose and recycle and this lamp has so much character. What a find! I agree with you - my favorite part - the graceful curves. I had to look twice to see the creepy clown face - and I'm choosing to see an artful scroll instead!

  5. Great find. I didn't notice the creepy clown face til you pointed it out!

  6. Hi Jill!! Love the lamp....laughing because I have so many projects that are in need of finishing as well :) As far as creepy clown face....that's the best one I've seen...not creepy at all lol!!


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