A Bit of Progress

I posted about this shelf back here in January 2012. It had some issues.
It has been sitting in our garage since then. 

Then, this summer, my son surprised me by putting on a new back and new bottom on for me!!!
You could say I was happy. :)

Now, I finally got it primed and painted.  And, I know all the distressed/chippy paint loving people will think, "What, white, shiny paint????"  But, I'm telling you, I'm thrilled with this!  I chose white glossy paint for two reasons:   1. I had it left over from house trim (so, no $$$) 2. I still plan on storing fabric scraps in it and the white glossy paint will let the colors of the fabric in the bins be themselves.

Here was the bonus to the white glossy paint: The whole while I was painting it, it reminded me of small town county fairs and the shelves made of very basic, cheap, rough wood, painted white.  Every couple of years a new coat of paint is put on and it builds up, there are usually some runs in the paint, (here too!) but the look is clean and fresh.  
So, now to get them down to the basement....In the garage for 1 year and 10 months is actually not bad around here.  These have sat now in the foyer for a week....

Oh, yeah...GUESS WHAT????? This cupboard DOES fit in the basement bedroom.  Ahem....I'm not the one who measured the first time. :) But, it is the type of mistake I make all of the time!


  1. I think it looks fantastic...no explanation needed! Lucky girl indeed!


  2. congrats! I always feel so good when I can finally move a project out of the dining room! good thing we eat primarily at the kitchen table...and I think the white is perfect!


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