Friday Finds: Fun

Some pretty colors and shapes from our yard I picked up while the little gals rode bikes and played.

This week began rainy and cold, but we had a gorgeous afternoon yesterday!
We enjoyed the weather, the colors, the shapes, the costumes we saw,  the gals enjoyed the trick or treating, and I enjoyed making another GIF!

Kim Klassen dot Com

I hope you're having a great day!

That dress is part of her costume....


  1. I love the moving picture too! And I've always loved looking at pictures of autumn leaves - they're always so vibrant and colorful even if they have fallen from the trees. We don't have autumn in the Philippines. :-)

  2. I love the picture of your daughter embracing the sunshine .... cute costume too :)

  3. Oh I can FEEL the warmth of the sun hitting my face as if I was in that second photo myself! Perfection!

  4. Love your GIF, I must learn how to do that! - and love the sunny joy in the second shot.


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