My Instrument Collection in My Laundry Room

This is my collection of washboards in my laundry room.  
I also have trays to catch the odds and ends of flowers that I bring in to dry.

When I had a booth, I tried to sell a couple of washboards.  Very cheaply, I might add.  And, there were no takers.  I'm enjoying the rejection now.

Oh my, from a day gone by.  And, I must say I'm so very grateful I do not need to use any of these!!!

The lighting was so dark in here as two bulbs are out so I apologize for the grainy and off pictures.  But, I had to take them now, because yesterday, I got to see some videos of my nephew.

He's playing the washboard!!

He lives in California and has traveled with various shows with his talent, but we have never been able to see him perform live.
If you'd like to watch a couple more videos, you can check out this link.  And, this one.

You also just have to love the washtub too!


  1. He plays a mean washboard! :) I have a couple but your collection puts mine to shame!

  2. Your laundry room looks great! Those washboards make my hands hurt just looking at them!

  3. Those are just so cool! I would have bought one from you :)
    I could swear my family room walls are the same color too
    What a great space you have there!

  4. your washboard collection is fabulous!
    your nephew is wonderful playing with that lively group = FUN!

  5. Sehr sehr schön, da wird man ja schon etwas neidisch.

  6. Love the washboard collection! My BIL is in a jug band and they have a washboard players as well. :)


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