Signature Quilt, My Friday Find

Yesterday, I posted about the early morning sun.  Yesterday, I caught the late afternoon sun.  Both, fleeting, but so special.
This past weekend, I accidentally stumbled upon a garage sale in a near by town.  I have been to very few in the last couple of years.  I ran it past my girls with me to see how much opposition there would be...and we were good to stop!  I was thrilled with the items I came home with, one of them being this signature quilt dated 1962.

You can read all about signature quilts here at the Quilt Index.  They are wonderful pieces of history!

"Ophie Estes", what a great name!!  Ann Smith must not have been one to embroider as she used those once popular embroidery paint tubes.

Thank goodness Mrs. Joe Gray thought to add the year as she is the only one who did.  Lucile's hand writing looks a bit like my Grandma's did.

I would have loved to have photographed each block, but there wasn't time.  
I wonder what brought these 35 people together?  What was their connection?  And, did everyone know "Foxie" only as Foxie??  Was she foxie??

Quilts would make perfect porch decor, if only we didn't have weather.  :)

Never pass up a chance to shoot a late afternoon shadow!

The quilt will be folded up and placed in my cupboard in the bedroom in the basement that I've working on re-doing.

Margaret, Peggy, Ann, Hallie, Mrs. Joe, Ophie, Lucile, Helen, Norene, Kathryn, Foxie, and friends, I am so happy to have met you!!

If it works out, I'll take pictures of my other buys at this garage sale.

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  1. What a great find, I can imagine that you're really happy with this gorgeous quilt !
    Love your 'shadow' capture ... :-)
    Nice weekend,

  2. This is indeed a treasure of a find! Absolutely awesome, actually! {Like that alliteration?}

  3. My grandma has one, it was a retirement gift from the ladies that worked with her sewing shoes at a shoe factory for 30 years. LOVE signature quilts, thanks for sharing!

  4. How special to have a quilt with the peoples names who had a part in making it,truly super special. I have my Mom's last quilt that she made and that is super special to me. it will be pasted down to my daughter and then to my granddaughter.

  5. What a magnificent find with a history. Great late afternoon shots too!

  6. I spy kitty ears or you have a strange growth on your,,,how IS that basement coming along?


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