Saturday Digest. Come On, Have a Seat.

►This is my daughter's instagram photo from the antique store we stopped at last weekend after stopping at the garage sale.  I have an attraction to chairs, and I love the feel of this photo. All those chairs, just waiting to welcome someone to rest.

►The results of our 4-H meeting last night. I will share more information next week.

►I've been thinking about crocheted Christmas Trees.  I doubt that I will make any, but when looking about for some patterns these two stood out:
Popcorn Stitch Trees:  Picture here. Pattern here.
This one is actually a hat but I'd just stuff if and sit it on a shelf: 
And for inspiration, as it is sold out, here. It's so little and cute.

►And, not crocheted, but upcycled wool and my  Sure hope to make a similar one!

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  1. I am way behind - and playing catch up. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!


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