Early Morning Light on A Happy Little Spot

Things have changed and have grown a lot from this post I wrote in July!  
The plants are growing and many have found new homes with others.  A few are thriving in our den also!
I brought in this sewing machine base from my Dad's old shop to use as a plant stand.
I put an old board from a broken up dresser I bought at an auction on top for the table.

Where there are plants, there is water, so an old board isn't going to get damaged, just better looking. :)

I also am using an old tray that was already rusty as the drainage tray for this snail turned planter. The snail was one of those fuel burners that you burn like a candle outside.  Well, the inside pot that held the fuel broke.  When I looked down in the snail, there was a hole, so it works great as a planter!  By the way, I would not recommend the fuel burners.  The flame is HUGE and the fuel is burned up quickly.  

This plant is a Swedish Begonia.  My sister in law gave it to me.  It was grown from a cutting off of her plant which she got from a cutting from my aunt, who got hers from a cutting from my grandparents who brought a cutting from a relative in Sweden when they visited there 40some years ago.  Cool, huh?!

The little yellow pot on the right is a sweet vintage tea pot that had no lid.  I didn't drill a hole in the bottom, so I water sparsely.

I bought some plants at our church's bazaar and right away took some cuttings.
I am pretty much out of room for plants now.  My daughter's room (who loves plants) is pretty full too.  But, once you start taking cuttings and propagating them, it's hard to stop!

The early morning light makes such graceful silhouettes of the leaves and really brings out the beauty of the singer base.

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