Sweet and Pretty!

My second daughter made this for her sister for her 14th birthday.  Isn't is neat?!  
I didn't have a wall to hang it on with good lighting for a picture, so sat it on a chair by the window.  

We will be hanging it in my daughter's room soon. I get to enjoy it until then. :)

She learned to quill from a friend at "craft night".  This is only her second project.

I think she caught on pretty quickly! 

Simple clean lines.

Martha quills here.
Supplies can be found here.
And, great instructions for the beginner here.

Do you have experience in quilling?  Wouldn't quilling be a great addition to mixed media pieces too?


  1. Beautiful quilling canvas. She's done a great job. I've never quilled but have admired projects from afar.

  2. She did a great job! I've never quilled, either........ your daughter definitely has a creative vein!!! It's lovely!!!

  3. Just lovely....how sweet that she made it for her sister!!

  4. I love that! I have tried quilling - but it was no where near as pretty


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