The Girls In The Family

My middle daughter turned 14 this weekend.  She can have so much fun with her younger two sisters.  She inspires great make believe games, physical play, and even helps them build legos.

(This tree is so pretty and is their favorite one to climb!)

She also is now connecting more with her older two sisters and is about to take over the place of the tallest.

(A different, but insanely gold tree.  The colors this fall have been over the top.)

And, then there is my granddaughter who would only look at the camera while playing peek-a-boo! Of course the other five girls were trying their hardest to get this one to sit and smile for pictures.

My son missed the photo shoot as he was doing calculus.  College calculus.  He ran a problem that he was having trouble with by me. What?????  I think he must like to see the blank glazed look take over my eyes!!  Or, he was trying to get me to not ask him to help us carry this big beast down stairs.  
Pretty sure that was it. Because I'm pretty sure that he knew I would be of no help.  At all.

Today, I jump on the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint band wagon.  This cupboard is in the basement and ready! (Did you see the post where I discovered that it actually does fit down there??) 

It's raining here and I guess we could also get some snow.  I was so not done with those fall colors.  Maybe they will hang in there through this wet weather.


  1. thank you for sharing so many lovely smiling faces with us
    and your beautiful fall color...

    it is feeling like a quick Autumn here too...
    Happy November!

  2. OOh, this post explains the next one (which I read first). Looking forward to seeing how the painting turns out.
    Beautiful girls, all.

  3. Lovely girls one and all - wonderful fall color too!

    (we have plans to paint our dining room set with chalk paint - before thanksgiving - yes, we're crazy :)


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