So, There Is (Or Was) A Plan

I took this photo and posted it to Instagram a few days ago.  This quilt was to be my "inspiration piece" for our bedroom downstairs. I guess I was trying to play interior designer. This quilt exemplifies "homey" to me. The bedroom-turned storage room is once again going to be a bedroom and needs a severe face lift.  I was able chose colors from paint chips I had on hand. (because I hoard them).  I cut out the samples, punched a hole, slipped them on a ball chain, and merrily carried them with me to the paint store.
Paint is purchased, but still in the back of the car.

The quilt was really thick like a comforter and was musty, as in super, super, musty so into the wash it went.  Out of the washer and dryer, my beautiful inspiration piece was a wrinkled, shriveled up mess!  Evidently, it had never been washed or at least the thick batting had never been washed.

So, I took it apart.  It was only tied with no binding, so it was really easy to take apart.  This is the inside of the quilt on top.

The batting was basted inside of muslin which now is all wrinkly too as just the batting shrunk.  But you know what?  It smells great now and it has a neat shabby chic look to it, so I think I'll use just this as a throw. It only covered the top of a full size bed before and now after shrinking, it's throw size.

Now, with a little steaming and mending this side of the quilt will be "homey" again.  I'll take it off of the back (which is also wonderful) and either make another quilt out of it or frame pieces of it.

This is the other side of the quilt.  I refer to it as the back, because I like the other side better, but that may be different for someone else.  I've never seen a quilt with two pieced sides.  I wonder how and why that came about.  I don't have a plan right now for this side once I take it apart.

Now, on to more of the redirected plan for the basement bedoom:

I was so excited that I finally had a place to put this piece and maybe the time to finish it!  My husband Jim and I traded for this with my Mom.  She got a round oak table that Jim had refinished and we got this from out in my Dad's shop.  It stunk and is really rough.  She thought we were nuts.  Jim began to strip it and was going to finish it.  Well, it's been in storage up in our barn now for almost 14 years.  It took two of my older kids, myself, a pickup, rope, and a pulley to get it down.  It's a beast!!

Guess what?  It won't fit in our basement!  It's a shade over 8 feet tall.  Who'd a thought?!  It was going to be painted and in it I was going to store all kinds of wonderful vintage fabric!  Well, now what?  Not really sure.  There could be a place for it in our bedroom.  Maybe.  But, not exactly where I want to store fabric.  So, now it sits in our garage.

I also have no idea where the hinges and pulls are.  That isn't a real problem as they can be replaced, but it would be nice to have to original ones and to not have to buy them.

I went ahead and bought paint for this anyway.  I just don't have to patience or time to finish stripping it and then finish the wood.  I may just have the most awesome cupboard out in my garage storing vintage pieces.  The only thing I know for certain, it's not going back up in the loft of the barn!
Mostly, because my kids would just lock me in the barn if I asked them again to help. Did I emphasize enough that this is heavy?!  My husband didn't say anything, but I think he was pretty happy we got it down while he was working.

◄►'s getting cold out and time to come up with costumes for the girls!


  1. Derailed projects can be frustrating, but also ways to explore creativity. I know you'll think of something fabulous for the bedroom and the basement. What a great cabinet! Can it be cut down at all?

  2. Oh my! that original paint stripped off? You know me and that original paint. I can paint over something that has already been painted but I simply cannot make myself paint over original paint from the early 1900's... I have had to pass on many a greta piece because it's orig color was wrong for me...Ok I'm a freak I know..but now that yours is half and half.... paint away,and look again around the house..not for an existing hole to put it in but to replace a non vintage piece's how I add in giant behemoth vintage always trumps new..and thank goodness no one was hurt in the process :D

  3. A two sided quilt is nice.... guess that's why it was simply tied off and not quilted. Now you have two tops.... I think that's great. Too bad about the piece that won't fit..... I hate when that happens! You could paint it with that new chalk paint (Annie Sloan). ???? I'll watch to see! ha!

  4. Some adventures you've been having!
    I like your determination and look forward to the finished results of all of your projects...
    Happy Weekend...stay warm!
    The frost has been on the pumpkin here the last couple of days here in N VA.


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