Saturday Digest

►This is so cute!  I love stop motion videos!  

This post doesn't give you a lot of details about this charming place, this life of art, but I think you'll enjoy it.  I like what Serena says, "What if we treated and lived our lives as if our days were our life's work?"  I've been thinking that for a long time, but have never stated it that eloquently. 
Now, is the plan that God has for us.

►Another quote on the same order I came across this week:
"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." Annie Dillard

►Do you use Pinterest?  Ever get the email that tells you who repinned pins of yours....and you think,'hmm?  what pin is that?' You go look and have no recollection of actually pinning it, but there it is, on one of your boards.  Once again, 'hmm?'

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  1. Adorable video! I love those as well! Yes, I try to revisit my Pins .... I've got some great ones. ha! Need to make some things I've pinned! But I can't remember to do it!


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