Mosaic Monday

Friday, the girls didn't have school so we headed to the farm to ride along harvesting.  We had a really nice afternoon and on the way home we stopped at the country cemetery where my Father in Law is buried.

There are some beautiful old stones there and I hope to get back with more time to take pictures of them.  This memorial is just gorgeous.  Sadly, Jesus' right arm did not take the elements over the years as well as the rest of the memorial.

I took close up shots of the statues.  The wear of Nebraska weather has made them all the more stunning to me. 

I am reminded of  this painting of the Italian painter, Giambattista Tiepolo.  We saw this when we visited The Saint Louis Art Museum two years ago.  This painting really stayed with me. His take on the scene is very different than what I'm used to.

I feel like I'm off, sharing a crucifix picture the week of All Saint's Day and then we will be looking toward Christmas.  

But, life is always, about the Cross. And, I guess especially when we pray for the souls who have gone before us and celebrate the Saints!


  1. Yes, indeed, life is always about the Cross and then, the Resurrection! Great reminders for any time of the year. Beautiful photos.

  2. You made me stop and think with this one: Life is always, about the cross! :^) patsy


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