Tank Garden Update

This is a Siberian Iris that I planted last year and it survived the winter in the tank...woohoo!  I took the picture last week and now it is done blooming.  I still like the greenery though.  There are liatris and a few moss roses planted in the boiler right in front of it.  I put liatris everywhere so I'm really hoping the ones in the containers will survive the winter.

Here's my lovely statue at sunset.  The plants that I was hoping were poppies---weren't---they were weeds :( so this tank only has a few flowers and seeds in it.  I'm hoping to pick up some annuals yet as they start discounting them.

This is a lace vine that has will have white flowers and is a perennial.  I have it vining up on a foot board of an iron bed turned sideways.  The headboard is the one on my wall in the sewing room that you can see here in this post.

A barrel of herbs.

I brought these posts home from the shed that I posted about yesterday that we demolished.  I loved the yellow/green moss on them and just thought they would look neat.  I'll add plants around them and something to hang from them as time goes on.

Two more half posts from the same shed.  (I'll add to these too.)

Another post.... I hung a bird feeder from it that I made many years ago.  The feed sits in the tray that has a mesh bottom.  (Not too proud of my workmanship on this one...I think it could fall apart in a strong wind or a sneeze)

I'm not sure if this is called moss or not but cool, huh?

I filled this tub with some of the moss from the roof of the demolished shed.  I have no idea how long it will last, but we'll see!

I bought a box of cactus wood (so the box said it was called)  from a garage sale this morning for $1.  I thought it was really neat and now one more pot is filled!  It won't even wilt in the heat.  The pot came from my mother in law years ago when she redid some of her yard.  It's heavy!

Well, it's coming along and I'm trying to get the weeds down around the perimeter so I can take a big picture of the whole space.  That's a challenge!!  I'll have more pictures soon.

Hope your weekend is going well.  I hit an awesome garage sale yesterday!  I hope to take some pictures, but some of the finds are in my booth already.


  1. Your big tank is great, but girl, that green door behind it is incredible! LOVE LOVE!!

    Everything you are doing looks fantastic!

  2. Great pictures...especially that first one. Your hard work really shows!

  3. The tank garden looks wonderful. And what great photos!

  4. ooo such a great peek into your gardens...fabulous containers and posts and more (maybe it's gorgeous golden lichen?)
    I am looking forward to the grand view...but I know what you mean about taking full on photos...I haven't been able to show my whole garden for some years now ;)
    Closeups are nice too....your first photo looks like a postcard Jill!
    Happy Sunday

  5. Oh, the tank garden is coming along very nicely!! Thanks for the updates I always want to see more!!

  6. Your tank gardening is beautiful! I love the doors and windows you have propped up against the wall too. I have two paned windows I grabbed up several years ago and they are still stashed in the garage. Now I know what to do with them!!! You are an inspiration!!

  7. it all looks great - and that aqua door is to die for! looks so wonderful behind the iris
    enjoy your sunday!

  8. I love all the interesting things you're putting into your tank garden to enhance the plants. You're inspiring me to be a bit more brave with my own garden.
    I love the post idea.

  9. I love your pragmatic approach to containerizing your plants.
    The moss could be lichen,

  10. Very cool!! I love using old zinc containers in the garden too.Julia Hopeandjoyhome


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