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Well, it's Tea on Tuesday and I am enjoying a little sand tea today :)
I'm sure you'd love some too!

The gals were out playing before the next bout of rain hit.  The mosquitoes weren't even biting.  The challenge for Kim's Texture Tuesday this week was to have people or a person in the photo.  This looked like a good opportunity.

This is one of my favorite cast aluminum pots that is supposed to be sitting on the front porch. Nothing stays where it should.  You don't even want to see the granite pot that got run over two days ago.

...a little garnish for her tea....

We have this fun playhouse in our backyard and it sits on sand.  You can imagine the sand that is tracked into the laundry room.  Usually, but not always it is all knocked off by the time they get past the kitchen.  After this kind of play they usually stop for a foot and hand bath in the laundry room sink.

Today's photos were processed with Nelly Nero's Ginger Sky action followed by a layer of Kim Klassen's "Empty Page" on multiply and her "Mudding" texture on soft light.

I think I have some pictures of the playhouse from about 4 years ago when it was clean.  I may have to dig for them and post them sometime.

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  1. What a great take on a tea on tuesday - sand tea!!!LOL Love your previous posts also- great garden and bungalow vintage vignettes!!!

  2. Oh what fun the girls are having. According to my mom, my cousin and I used to make mudpies and eat them. Yum! :/ The simple days of summer when you are a kid. Have a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

  3. absolutely precious in every way...what cutie patooties your tea girls are...sand tea = Love it!

    BIG cringe on your granite pot = ouch!

    looking forward to some playhouse pix

    Happy first day of summer dear Jill
    Oh, also enjoyed your Tuesday with the Kim's :)

  4. Oh Jill, they are both so gorgeous!!! The textures are pretty - but it's 'cause you have some BEAUTIFUL subjects!!!

    And... now I want to go make a mud pie or something. LOL

    ;-D robelyn

  5. How sweet...sand tea and mud pies. :)
    My girl makes "soup" in a bucket outside. Yikes!

  6. well now, who wouldn't love some sand tea with a little daisy garnish? Have a great day with the gals

  7. darling tea post and darling children! looks like great fun!

  8. The girls are beautiful...their work so focused. Looks like such a good time.


  9. The girls are adorable, and your photos are fantastic! I always love coming to your blog to see what photo(s) you textured that week. Glad you didn't get sand in the camera, at least. And I think I'll have a bit of coffee with you and let the gals have their darling sand tea.

  10. love this post and beautiful and previous girls....happy week to you!! steph

  11. What a sweet post! My girls have outgrown their sand box .... Now it is a raised bed with potatoes growing in it. We used to keep a bucket of water at the back door for a rinse off. I miss those days :)

    Happy sand tea .... And thanks so much for joining for tea ... As always!! Hugs, Kimmie

  12. you take kids, dirt/sand, utensils, and just add water---instant fun :) what a couple of cuties!
    happy sand tea to you all!

  13. These photos are AWESOME! I SO remember having sand tea when I was a kid!!! with an enameled teapot!

    My condolences on the loss of your granite pot. *sob* A heart breaker for sure. I am assuming you kept the pot and now it is something sculptural in your tank garden? ;)

  14. mmmm sand tea, I remember it well! lol
    They look so happy playing :)

  15. That last shot is awesome. All of your series is lovely...the children are precious. Love how you used the texture. Lovely outcome. Genie


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