My husband had showed me a shed they were going to take down on the farm for a new hoop hut for the cattle.
"Would you like any of it?"

"Well, of course."

I thought the construction crew was going to beat me to it with the wedding, rain, and other life "happenings". But, they were delayed my son and I went up on Wednesday.  They were coming on Thursday.

Well, the wood wasn't the best old barn wood I've seen and we busted up and split a lot of it...oh well.  Small pieces are fine too :)  I have three tubs of mossy shingle pieces.  It would have been nearly impossible to get them apart in whole shingles as they were obviously rotted and thin.  But, even little pieces look neat!

The moss was awesome!

Because we had a saw that could....we cut out a chunk of the roof too.   I'm not sure how well it will stay intact after moving it but we'll see.  And, of course I have no idea what I'll do with it.  I may just try to take some shingles out of it in bigger pieces since I can take more time with it than when we were on sight.

Well, this barn was vintage and it certainly inspired me so I'm linking this up with Debra for Vintage Inspiration Friday...check out the other participants!

(please let me know if the slide show doesn't work for you....)
**edited** Apparently, the embedded slideshow won't always work in Internet Explored but can be viewed without a problem with Firefox or Chrome.  I don't think I can do anything about it.


  1. Now that's some vintage fun. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it.

  2. Hi Jill, this is such a neat roof! I'm interested to see what you come up with. Just some shingles for garden accents would be really cool. LOVE all that great moss and the pokey out nails LOL!! Be careful, don't hurt yourself! Thanks for sharing this great inspiration.

  3. Jill - my mouth is hanging open and my jaw is on my desk. LOLOL HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!! LOVED the slide show - and a John Deere to boot! hee-hee

    AWESOME roof!!!


  4. I love the shingles! Too bad you don't have a chicken coop that needs a "new" roof. I'd want to recreate a miniature version of that barn-- the materials are so cool! That moss is AMAZING tho.

  5. No slide show for me, just a black box. :(
    I have a barn that is falling down before I can salvage it by myself. I am always looking for inspiration.

  6. What a neat old vintage barn! Fantastic that you could save some of the shingles! Stopping by from Debra's today :)

  7. I can't wait to see what you create with the shingles and the moss and well, all of it! Your daughters wedding photos are beautiful, what a happy day! xooxo

  8. Thanks for coming to visit me. I am using IE (I think IE8) and after refreshing a few times it worked fine. Now visiting again the slideshow is working but HUGE type "Corner One" is over the top of the show.

    Nothing is ever as simple as it is promised to be.

  9. That shed looks like dorothy's house ..... I half expect to see a striped leg with ruby slippers sticking out of the bottom :)

    I am sure you will make something amazing with the wood you've salvaged! I will never look at a melting barn the same way again!

  10. OK first I must admit I got sentimental about that great ole shed...not sure I would have had the heart to tear it down...Internet 'Exploder' as Mr M likes to call it seems cranky about alot of things LOL...with Firefox I got to see your slideshow no trouble = cool feature.

    I imagine your piece of sliced roof as a little shelter/awning over a special love seat in the garden maybe?
    That moss is WOW!


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