Garden Surprise

Late this summer as we were walking through the garden, my son noticed these seed pods.

They were from my primrose idea what variety they are.  I've had them for quite a few years, and I had missed these lovely seed pods nestled under them after they bloomed!

 I know these aren't seed pods, but once upon a time were seeds, now are faux acorns made by the talented Lisa at Lilfishstudios.  Ever since I saw one of these in a photo on Lynn's blog, I'd been pining for some and now I finally ordered some.  They are just the cutest little fall decoration!  ~Hand needle felted with wool~ I know though, I won't put them away after the fall.  Way too cute!

Anyway, back to the seed pods...look at the star in the end!

And, all the little seeds in a row.

As I took the pictures, I realized I had gathered a couple of leaf skeletons up along with the pods.  Bonus!
I hope you are having the same lovely fall weather where you are as we are here in Nebraska.  Harvest is in full swing at the farm!
I also need to add that I scored one of the sweetest finds yet for me this weekend at a garage to come this week!


  1. Beautiful photos, Jill! You've captured the beauty of all of nature's splendor so magnificently. I love your gift for composing shots. Such a great eye. Adore that glass {maybe ice?} bucket with the wooden handle. And I'm with you all the way on those wool felted acorns. Beyond adorable! Xo, Sue

  2. your golden close ups are the essence of a fall day..such discovery here !

  3. Those are such pretty seeds~ really an amazing image, all the little seeds lined up like that!

  4. Gorgeous images and those seed pods are fantastic! I'm so happy you like the little acorns. Thanks so much for sharing them here.

  5. Oh - the acorns are gorgeous! They look so real! I am still waiting for fall... I'm going to look for seed pods now!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  6. I love these fall photos! And the acorns are to die for.
    Fall is a lot slower here in FL, and I always long for s showier change of seasons. Thank you for feeding my desire for these beautiful things.


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