No Junkle Bells Yet...But, a Pillow.

Lauren is aiming for "Rustic Elegance" for the wedding.  And, this is where we are starting.  

The ring bearer's pillow.  
(which will be carried by a girl ring bearer!)

This is the perfect upcycling/recycling/repurposing project.  The burlap came from a garage sale.  I found a big bag of it, but it needed some serious laundering when I got home.  Boy, will burlap fill your dryer lint trap!
The flower is a combination of a new flower (purchased from Craig's List) and a fabic flower from a 75 year old wedding gown I bought at an auction.  Again, a serious laundering was in order.  The flower fell apart but I saved the pieces.  Because that's what I do.  And, these quickly found their new purpose. 

Also, in the flower is tulle from the inside of a formal dress I had that I knew would never be worn again.  The beaded flower adornment also came from a box of flowers purchased from Craig's List.
The twine will be used to tie on the rings.
This is the vintage wedding gown the flower came from.

I'm hoping we can use the satin to make flowers for the centerpieces.  The plan is to use wood slabs like this one.  About two months ago, they took a tree down on the farm.  My husband called me (knowing saving things is what I do) and asked if I would want a tree for any reason...I said, "I'm not sure what for, but, yes, please save it for me."  About two weeks ago we started thinking about wood for the centerpieces.  It was a sweet moment.  Randy took the chain saw to it for me yesterday.

Now, I'm still working on my Junkle Bells project, but a bit behind.  A big bit.  So, if you'd like to join along I'll be posting it soon.  If you're new here you can read about Junkle Bells here.


  1. My cousin just had a girl ring bearer and she gave the pillow with the rings to the guests to pass around and make a wish and a blessing before the bride and groom exchanged rings - it was so special. Melissa would have loved this pillow - she had linen and cream and pale blues as her fabrics - it took place in Sonoma wishes, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  2. As for the tree - Melissa had a s'mores station at the reception and we sat on logs late into the evenings. Jennifer

  3. Jill... that is just GORGEOUS!!! You know I can't wait to watch all of the wedding gorgeousness unfold before my eyes!!!

    Augh! You make me want a ring bearer or something. LOL

    ;-D So beautiful!

  4. i love it! the contrast of the delicate flower and the burlap is just perfect!
    ps.. added you to my blog roll


  5. What a beautiful wedding it will be! I love the Rustic Elegance theme. The pillow is amazing and I love how you have upcycled so many elements to create the pillow. You are so talented!

  6. that is so lovely jill! congrats on the style that's forming for the wedding, it's beautiful!

  7. That pillow is incredible! I would love to have it on my couch. You are one talented lady. Can't wait to see more.

  8. Do ya want a tree? ---- Yes please save it for me. That is the sign of a well balanced relationship.

  9. First, what a gorgeous pillow for the wedding! But second, how does one ever train the other better half to even ask if he should save a tree for you?! That cracked me up. I will definitely be bragging about "yours" to "mine"! Xo, Sue

  10. This is a beautiful pillow! And using pieces of your tree for the centerpieces sounds like a fabulous idea. Congrats to your daughter and to you!!

  11. I am retro-actively catching up on your wedding posts (kind of nice to have them all to scroll through one right after the other-- so good of you to TAG things so well!)

    Your daughter's wedding colors and textures are amazing. Could truly be any time of the year-- only the flowers revealing the season. I like your style!

    The chalkboard photo shoot (the bride and groom to-be!) is hilarious and charming. There is an old, mostly abandoned, schol here in town with original slate chalkboards still installed in the class rooms. I covet them. Actually, I would love to LIVE in the school (a mansion, by anyone's definition). Wouldn't want the heating bills though...

    Another great romp around your blog!


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