I Didn't Even Know I Wanted One

So, I was headed on a long overdue shopping trip with four of my girls and I saw a sign....a garage sale sign, but a sign none the less.

I whipped in to the teeny tiny unincorporated town.  And, there was this.  I've never seen one for sale.  Maybe you all have.  Maybe they are a dime a dozen elsewhere. 

It is tin, not cast which means I can pick it up and move it easily on my own.  It has more like hoof feet than claw feet as my son pointed out.  They are all intact.

The obvious was that I had found a perfect gem for my tank garden.  But, I just don't think so.  Not all all. This piece is just too wonderful to let it deteriorate further.

So, what to do with it?  I'm open to suggestions!  I'm pretty sure I'll take it for another photo shoot or two but what can it do when it's not modeling for me?  
Oh, yeah, and in case you're wondering what is in the background...across the dirt street from this sweet item, I bought pieces of slate chalkboards from an old school.  Those I can't move by myself...

As we were driving away from the sale, my excitement grew as I realized just how neat this tub was, and of course shared my excitement with my girls.  Later, after I bought a couple pair of jeans for my 19 year old daughter, she hugged them, looked at me, and said adoringly, "These are my tub."


  1. Oh my gosh Jill... THAT is fantastic!!!!! I would top it with a piece of glass (or plexi for safety's sake) and use it as a coffee table! Or end table! Or heck - the focal point in a room!!! Just imagine what you could store in it!

    I think I'm drooling in the tub. LOLOL

    GREAT FIND!!! ;-D robelyn

  2. That is ONE AWESOME find!!! A gem for sure!

    Happy hunting,

  3. That tub is AMAZING! But I think I am even more jealous of the chalkboard find. One of my dreams is to have a large school chalkboard in my house. Hubby thinks I am crazy, but I am always on the lookout for one.

  4. Oh Jill! It just goes to show, good things come to those who are not coveting...i mean, looking! I'm so happy for you--and your daughter's comment was just the best!!! You had mentioned you had something pretty cool to share and you weren't kidding. I have a feeling this baby will find lots of uses in the coming years. One fun temporary outdoor use whenever you have a slug of people over would be to fill it with ice & use for the beverage cooler. Or...and I LOVE THIS IDEA...strap it to the top of your vehicle for more storage when you're out thrifting! ha ha ha! Xo, Sue
    p.s. love the photo effects!

  5. What a super great find! So happy for you..

    Love what your daughter said. It sounds like something my oldest daughter would say.

  6. Love, love, love your photo shoot, what a great find that day, although teenagers don't think so LOL, that was a cute comment from your daughter :)

    Only thing I could think of doing with it is make a flower garden in it, then you will have lots of flowers to take photos of and add textures to, fun, fun, fun :)

  7. I have an old cast iron tub that was actually from my husband's old homeplace. I have it in my garden and plant flowers in it. Love your finds!

  8. what a wonderful find ..your daughter and her jeans how cute!! she understands!

  9. Your "hooved" tub is an amazing find! Don't you love "unincorporated" towns? I would oil (or wax) the wood to preserve it in it's current state (if that's possible- might be too weathered already). Anyway, it definitely needs to come indoors somehow- where do you have it now? (I can ask these questions SO MANY months after your original giddy post.)


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