Oh, Helene....I'm Sorry to See You Go.

Once upon time...we were going to have a 40s-50s basement.  This had been purchased for decor, atmosphere, pazazz...  Life happens.  Plans change.  I need to sell the lovely Helene. I took these photos back when it was summer before I took the dryer over to my booth in Columbus. 

She was hard to photograph!  So reflective and odd shaped.  Then I started having fun seeing my reflection in her...

She's in such good condition.

And, isn't the lettering awesome?

 I think she would actually make the best lamp right next to the perfect vintage chair! 

I'm pretty sure someone could rewire her and rework her as a lamp.  Or, she can stand as is.  An awesome reminder of a time gone by.  She's still at my booth.  I imagine she may be there awhile. 

She'll be perfect for someone.  And, I will be happy when she goes to a good home.  You don't want to know how many years she was in my basement, then in my closet.  Made a pretty good clothes hanger.  Yeah, she deserves better.


  1. What a great lamp possibility! Sorry, that she has to leave, but you are right, she deserves to be seen...to be ooo and ahhhed over. She deserves to be loved out in the open.

  2. I need directions to your booth please.

    Good Home Available for Helene. LOL

    THAT dear Jill is AWESOME!!!
    ;-D robelyn

  3. We have a lamp like that at our shop right now!! It is so much fun! You can see it on my SuzAnna's Antiques site from a week or two ago!!


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