The Couple.

We had fall break here this past weekend, so, had a chance to work on some wedding plans again, and I took my daughter and her fiance's engagement photos.  
We live very near the train tracks.  What better photo prop than tracks?  (Actually, I think chalk boards are...keep reading!)

We made the ring pillow this weekend too.  We were so happy with how it turned out, we decided it's the inspiration now for all of the wedding.  I'll post about it later this week.  It was made with garage sale, auction, and craig's list finds!

After taking lots of fun photos we headed to the trees again with my newly acquired chalkboards.  Actually, I'm storing them in the trees...I know...really you can't see them! It's temporary!

She said, "Yes!" ...again!


Old School!

Just fun.

The sun was going down.  There was much to do inside.  But, I could have played with this for a long time!

It will be here before we know it, I'm sure. 

Thanks for letting me share some of our photo shoot with you!


  1. Good lookin' couple for sure, and I love the photos, the chalk board is perfect!!

  2. AUGH!!! JILL!!! I love you! AND your photos!!! Those are so fun - those two lovebirds look so full of joy!!!

    The chalkboards are just FUN!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  3. Oh how fun!! Love the use of the chalkboards and the textures!! Your daughter should be so proud of her mom!! Very special and unique pictures.

  4. The chalkboard pictures are wonderful! And now I am even more jealous of your recent chalkboard find!

  5. Very cute idea! Love the drawing of the flowers behind his back! Very creative!

  6. These pics are as cute as cute can be and so is the happy couple! I can see already that this wedding will be a one-of-a-kind event! You HAVE to show us EVERYTHING!

  7. Oh scream with delight! Your creative, inventive, and think outside the box gifts are just way special, Jill! What an adorable couple and equally wonderful photos you've captured of them. I'd give a lot to have some photos like this of hubby and I back from those early days. Can't wait to see all the plans/prep for this wedding as they unfold over time! Xo, Sue

  8. Fabulous pictures. The first one you showed was my favorite.
    They are an adorable couple. Have fun with the wedding plans....they are getting married on my birthday!

  9. These photos are really fun! They'll be fun keepsakes!

  10. The engagement photos are beautiful! The Chalkboard pics are full of such snarky potential I can hardly stand it! PLEASE PLEASE let the teenaged boys loose with them!

  11. OMG Jill...I love it all!! How fun and creative. It makes me want to go out and paint the end of my garage with chalkboard paint so I can do this in photos too!

  12. Awesome--- the cutest couple ever. Looks like you all had a blast doing the pictures. Wish I would have been there. Happy Fall!!!! Danita

  13. The chalk boards made such wonderful backdrops. It made the pictures look so fun!

    - Teresa

  14. Just love the photos with the chalkboard, what a gorgeous couple!

  15. LOve that you thought out of the box. I wish more wedding photographers thought that way!

  16. Jill your pictures are sooooo beautiful,
    I love the chalkboard one's how creative are those :) !!! and Ooooooh! so creative!
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on our paper art :)
    See you soon

  17. These are absolutely marvelous! I've never seen any others so inspired - you need to market this, girl. Seriously.

    xo :: lynn

  18. How fun and sweet are this photographs...
    Thank you for stopping by in my little world...

    Hugs and have a nice week end!

  19. Love the photos! What a nice looking couple! Congratulations on their engagement! The chalkboards were an awesome idea. You are always so creative! Thank you so much for telling Mamie Jane's about Vintage Love Saturday. I was happy to have her join in with her vintage linens on 10/23! Thanks!

  20. LoveLoveLove the chalkboard pictures. Very cute couple~very cute idea.

  21. BEautiful, beautiful photo shoot, they look so handsome together :)

  22. Those chalkboard photos are perfectly fun!


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