Could You Keep An Eye Out?

I'm asking all of you treasure seekers a favor.  Could you please keep watch for this piece for me?  She hangs in my kitchen and you can see needs to be replaced.

Isn't she beautiful?  It's a Madonna of the Kitchen Holy Water Font and it's so very special to me.  I've been keeping an eye out on Ebay and Etsy but have only seen wall plaques that are  similar.  I really want to have this replaced with another font.  We kept it filled and I don't know if it wasn't meant to be used or if the glazing to protect it was gone, but the water eventually made it crack and then leak.

Then, it was bumped and a piece broke off.  Then, bumped again, and more pieces fell off.  Now, I should take it down before someone gets scratched or cut, but I just don't want to yet.  If I get another, I think I'll make a liner out of clay that I'll coat with something and then I can still use it without risk of cracking again.  Of course around here it could still get bumped!

So, should you see me and we can talk how you would want to work it out.  I would really like to have this one replaced.

Thanks for listening to my request!


  1. Jill - I'm going to forward this post to my sister - she is the queen of finding stuff online!
    amy of four corners design

  2. I will be sure to keep an eye out for this. I always adore have a treasure to find. My last one was my 50 year old sister's Christmas baby bulb...I found it after a year of searching Rosebowl and Long Beach Vetran's stadium in California. Just getting ready to go out on a buy, so I will say a prayer!


  3. Good idea to rally the troops. Bet someone spies one for you!


  4. oh so lovely and special
    and what a great idea to put out THE call here

    Happy Spring weekend to you and yours!

  5. Hello, I have an identical Plaque that I will be listing on Ebay sometime today... ebay id is jademani


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