Life: Black and White

Hahaha!  Life is so not black and white.  Take this past week.  
In a nutshell:  Pain.  Pain in shoulder.  Pain in chest and down arm.  Pain in chest up neck to jaw.  Go to Hospital.  EKG.  Helicopter ride to bigger hospital.  Heart Procedure.  ALL GOOD!  NO BLOCKAGE.  More tests.  More tests. Conclusion: Pain is muscular.

This test indicates this...but may be that...not black and white.

Medicine is an art as well as a science and I praise God for all the Doctors and caregivers and all our advancements in the field!  

So my husband is good. He's great.  He's fine!  He's back farming!  After this little hiccup.  Did I say little?!

And, through this I turned 52 whether I was ready or not.  

And, my husband sent me flowers. :)

I took pictures.





A slightly different edit.
Hazy with the big picture out of sight.  Some days are like that.  
And, yet still very beautiful.  
That was Monday.


  1. Oh, Jill! What an experience. I do hope you are feeling better and that the incident will indeed be that of muscular pain. Still, it's a disconcerting thing to happen, and I know that your thoughts will have turned to our Lord during this time. He is always present.

  2. Eek. As if life were not stressful enough, pains and twinges keep reminding us of the swiftness of time and our moving through it, 'though 52 is hardly old. (Happy birthday!)

    My mind wanders through things like this sometimes, prayerfully and thoughtfully, the older I get. Suggest that you release the tension you are carrying in your arms, girl. Perhaps it's not your load to carry.

    A thought :: xox

  3. Your photos are fabulous!! It's wonderful to watch your special talent blossom. Your birthday flowers must have been gorgeous in color, but they're stunning in black, white, and gray!!!!
    God is good - I'm so very thankful that everything turned out okay.

  4. So glad your husband is doing well. Happy Birthday! Hopefully things settle down nicely for you for a while.


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