Still Life: Pears

We've been eating down our pantry and freezers. But, I still need to run to the store for fresh fruit and vegetables. (We are pretty bare shelved now.)

I read everywhere talk of decluttering.  

Decluttering strikes me more in not stock piling food and letting it get pushed to the back of the pantry or the freezer and then possibly wasted.

In decluttering the rest of the house and sorting my stash, I have a bag of vintage aprons ready to be donated as they are rough and I have a lot of them.

Then when these pears struck me to photograph, I grabbed out an apron from the bag.  Now, I'm not sure I should donate this bag.  I think they may still may have use here. :) And, the aprons won't expire, ha!

There is such beauty everywhere, isn't there?!  Gifts from above.

It's Wednesday already this's nice to at least slow down time for a moment in a photograph. 

 Stopping time: the beauty of  still life photography.


  1. You picked the perfect apron to pair with the pears! It's like an Old Masters painting - in other words, it's a Masterful Photo, as always dear Jill!!

  2. These are just beautiful Jill. I have a couple vintage aprons that I use occasionally in shoots, but I would love to use them more.


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