Junk "Love" for Valentine's Day

Yesterday, on a whim I decided to dress our mantle for Valentine's Day since it had been sitting bare since the Christmas decorations came down.
I also decided to take the pictures at night with the tripod.

The night shots emit more warmth for a "Love" mantle don't you think?

The "L" is constructed from my favorite Reader's Digest books again. :)
I used handitak to put the lace border on the edge of the mantle.

The "O" is a book page rose wreath layered on a textured silver tray. The wreath is similar to this one, but made with book pages. Again, I used handitak to mount the wreath to the tray so it can easily be removed.

The "V" is a scrap of vintage drapery fabric probably from the 50s that I folded and tacked onto an old picture frame.  The frame used to hold "Pinky".  You know the set of Blue Boy and Pinky? Now, Pinky is frameless.  She'll get over it.

The "E" of course a folding ruler that I mounted with nails onto an old cutting board.  This cutting board has the most beautiful patina to it!

My little gals got a kick out of the mantle especially when I kept asking them if they just "loooooved" it.

Here's the link to an old post if you want to easily make a little decoration for your home for Valentine's Day.


  1. HOW COOL is that!! "Love" your mantel!

  2. Love
    your wonderful mantel
    your endless creative approach to life dear Jill!
    Thanks so much for being so inspiring...I wrote Handitak in big letters on my notepad...never heard of it before, but I'm sure I need to find some :)

  3. Great idea! It makes me wish I had a mantle...

    Thanks for sharing <3

  4. What a great mantel you've created. Just full of LOVE!

  5. brilliant!
    I love your mantel projects!

  6. AWESOME display! You are so clever with junk! :)

  7. That is about the cutest LOVE sign I've seen. Great idea!

  8. you are so creative !!!
    (how've you been..well i hope...how are the girls doing !! again..well i hope..i have been so tied up, many things going on..some good some not so good...sigh..that's life...)

    missing my blog hopping..i have to make time... !!!


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