A Moment Back in Time

I do really enjoy the old phonograph we have (referring to yesterday's post) and decided to edit a couple of pictures of it.
I added "dust" and age with Kim Klassen's textures: "Canvas Magic" and "Journal"

 You can hardly tell where the digital dust ends and the real dust begins, huh?! Ha!

I really like the sounds of the old "technology".

The scratching and rubbing.

The whirring and clunking. 

I wouldn't trade our digital age for it....but glad there are some old pieces still around.

I've been picking up some tips and tricks for Photoshop from Pugly Pixel. More brain stretching. :)

I sure hope you are having a great week!


  1. Oh... your photos are GORGEOUS!!!

    I have piles of vinyl 'cause I love the sound... but my needle broke on my record player! pffffftttt...


  2. Vinyl seems to be making a resurgence in the music world. I heard that all of the Beatles' music has just been re-released - in vinyl! So you are in good company.
    Love the dusty texture.

  3. great photos...not only of the phonograph but I love your header...especially the typewriter in the snow...so inspired...

  4. Your video was wonderful and I so enjoyed it. Love when you play with your photos!

  5. wonderful old time feel and look to your photos Jill and what a handsome player that is ... I can only imagine the charming sounds it makes!


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