I really want to learn to make Time Capsules as Xanthe Berkely teaches in a couple of her online classes.  I've shot some film and taken stills for two projects.  HOWEVER, I have never done anything with a video from my thrifty little Kodak video camera other than buy new memory cards to keep taking videos that I do nothing with. :)

So, before taking a class which is taught more for the creativity than for learning software,  I thought I better learn to use the software that I have.  Then I can decide if I need to upgrade my software and/or my camera.

So, the above is a short little ditty from me figuring out how to cut, edit, and unclip audio from video, etc.  Pretty sure I'd like a better video camera....but ours is easy to use which means it gets used.  My brain hurts too much from learning the software to think about learning how to use a different camera right now.  Not even kidding, I felt my brain stretch. 

The phonograph is an electric one that we have in our living room.  I had no idea electric ones were even made until we stumbled upon this probably 14 years ago.  We have a crank one too, but sadly the spring is broken.


  1. Ok, so I just spent an hour looking at Xanthe Berkely's site. I'm so interested in all this. Keep posting your journey for me to be inspired. Blessings on this new year Jill!

    1. I will Barb. Isn't her work inspiring? I just love it.

  2. great job !!! i have been carrying a video camera around with me since sept..and sadly have done NOTHING... !!! good luck..i'll be watching !!


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