A Fun Surprise

I have had this little clipping of a Rosemary "Tree" pinned to one of my bulletin boards, inspiration board, if you will, for probably 6+ years.  You can see it has a tear and multiple pin holes as I've moved it around. I'd been hoping to grow one.

When my daughter came home from college for Christmas she brought me a surprise!  The most beautiful, simple, Rosemary Christmas Tree!  It smells divine.  

I found a couple of recipes that use rosemary but haven't made them yet.  The trick will be to keep it alive inside now this winter.  She found this at Trader Joe's, a store I have yet to explore.

When I can't smell it, I just run my fingers through the branches and the beautiful scent is released again!

Have a great weekend!


  1. wonderful daughter...happy holidays jill !!

  2. Such a lovely gift. Rosemary, that's for remembrance!

  3. These are the best gifts! Gifts from the heart!
    Merry Belated Christmas and a very Happy New year to you! Thanks for letting me tag along with you this past year and I look forward to reading your posts in the coming year!

  4. What a cute tree! You will LOVE Trader Joe's!!

    I use rosemary in roasted potatoes - it is divine!

    Happy New Year Jill!

  5. I love those little rosemary trees! Sweeeeet gift! Good luck keeping it alive! :-) Happy New Year!

  6. What a precious and perfectly lovely gift.
    Rosemary is for Remembrance and I know you will always remember your daughter's special gift.
    One thing I remember from having a plant inside over winter is plenty of light, keep it cool and do not over water.
    Happy Happy New Year to you and yours dear Jill

  7. Happy New Year Jill, wishing you much creativity in 2013! Mx

  8. Happy New Year Jill!
    Hope you had a chance to cook something with rosemary over the holidays :)

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  10. Oh - that is GORGEOUS!!! So is your daughter! :)

    I have rosemary instead of bushes (less "pruning" etc.)and I love it when my cat walks through them before coming in my house! LOLOL

  11. Oh, I agree! there is nothing more invigorating than the smell of fresh rosemary! Lovely gift from your daughter!


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