Seller's Remorse

Two years ago I bought and sold this set of wooden carolers.

I decided they were too big to store in my already full storage areas and it would be hard to find a place to display them at Christmas.  They would need paint touch ups if I put them outside for the season.

And, now I came across these pictures this morning and remember how neat they were!  And, fun!  This was my then 11 year old posing with them.  The day was in September and mild so she's barefoot.

What great props they would have been for family Christmas pictures!!
Oh, I hope they went to a happy home and are on display somewhere singing Praises!


  1. Oh I feel you Jill!
    How very special that you did snap such wonderful photos (Love those bare tootsies!) ... some things are definitely harder to let go of than others!
    I usually never think twice about flat things, but of course those were TALL flat things LOL


  2. What fun carolers. I can see how you miss them. Love your daughter's poses.

  3. Whoops! My remorse is a perfectly stacked size matched set of beige suitcases that took me a year to complete. Poor me I get to visit them at a friend's house and regret each time lol could copy the design and make another set, you clever girl your spare time of course...

  4. I bought them from you Jill! They hung around my place until this year and then they sold and went to Omaha to their new home! They are so cute in these pics, now I have sellers remorse too! That would have been a great idea for xmas cards, why i didn't think of that before I sold them!


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