Dancing Ballerinas

We did a little paper project during the Christmas break.  Our two youngest girls take dance lessons as did the older girls when they were younger.

I found this idea and templates via pinterest on the site Krokotak.

The above ballerinas are the harder version called Snow Flake Ballerinas for Crafty Moms , or in this case Crafty Big Sisters, ha!  .
One of my older girls made these while I helped the younger ones make the version for little hands.

I don't have pictures of the little gals' ballerinas yet.  Let's just say the glitter isn't as even. :)

And, just for fun, another GIF. :)


  1. Love your dancing tiny dancers with their pretty snowflake skirts!

    Tutu sweet and graceful!

    Happy Weekend to you and yours dear Jill


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