Texture Thursday

If there is one thing I'm consistent at...it's inconsistency.  

So I'm posting on a Thursday for Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe.  

So it goes.

Kim's latest free texture is minus 43 and that is what I used on the above photo.

The past couple of weeks have been a bit rough and that may be why I was drawn  to the photo of the barren cold road from my files that I shot last year.  As I thought about what I wanted to do with the photo I kept thinking about what was over the hill, how I see life, and that I have no idea of what is to come.
The photo looked scary then and my words or thoughts about it lacked hope.

But, then the pieces fell into place (a.k.a. prayers were answered) and I put my attention more on the road.  

I have to trust that the journey will lead me to joy.
For all of us, many days, it's far more of a decision to trust than a
"feel good" emotion.  I've actually come to like that because my mind is more reliable than my emotions!

A friend (who is on a rough journey) recently told me that her mother's advice to her was, "Remember what you know."

Simple, but packed full. 

I take it to mean also "Rely on what you know, not what you feel."

I know I can trust.  

And, I don't want to leave you hanging, life is much smoother again now.

I choose to trust in The One who is guiding my journey.


  1. sending every good and special wish your way
    take care dear Jill

  2. I like that mom advice...remember what you know...my mom always said "if you're nervous, don't look in the rear view mirror...keep looking ahead" now granted, this was a driving lesson...but it actually works pretty well for life too....
    photo is great...glad you posted it...glad things are looking better...

  3. I like tht kind of common sense and logical advice. It passes the test of time doesn't it. I'm sure it's one you will pass down to your children - and not just by saying it - but living it too. I'm glad the road is smoother for you today!

  4. Agree, sometimes trusting is hard...but when I look back and remember the answered prayers it gets a "little" easier. "Rely on what you know"...great advice. I know that "God is good"...and sometimes that's all we need to know to keep moving forward :) Beautiful picture...and "timely" post for me...thanks Jill!!

  5. I love the image! And I'm glad you are in a better place. I've been there sooo many times. It's very difficult. Proverbs 3:5&6 get me through!

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  7. Beautiful photo! And great advice! I seem to have been traveling the same road as you have lately... I will keep in mind the wise words...Remember what you know..simple, but powerful!
    Great post!


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