I Like the Shape, the Color, the Patina

I picked up some wood bowls at an auction maybe a year ago or so. I cleaned them up and gave them a simple oil finish. 
I think I paid $1 for a group of three of them.  Only one had the little ball feet.
 I am rather taken with them.

Linking up with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  Images textured with "minus 43".


  1. a beautiful bowl Jill - it looks like solid wood to me - how beautifully you have photographed it!

  2. I am taken with them too. I would never have thought you paid that little for them. What a little tlc can do:)

  3. beautiful Jill
    makes me want to run my hands over that pretty smooth wood

    when I first saw your photo it made me think of the shallow wooden bowl I have used for years and years and years now to chop nuts for baking with a blade on a handle that you rock back and forth to do the chopping (name?)

    you have a great eye for treasures!

  4. I collect and use these for camping. No breakage to worry about. The photos are great!


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