Texture Tuesday: Clouds in My Coffee

I was thinking about Kim Klassens challenge this week for Texture Tuesday "cuppa" and then saw this post.

I thought, hey, I'll put clouds in my coffee. (With the help of Photoshop.)

I used a layer of Kim's texture, Simplicity.

Here's to a day for all of you where the clouds in your coffee are only the reflection of a "God Sky" in your cup!!


  1. Love this! And now there's a line of an old song going through my head..."clouds in my...coffee" but I don't think that's the original word.

  2. Yup, the lyrics are "I had dreams there were clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee and...YOU'RE SO VAIN!" Remember that one? Great idea; well done!

  3. now I have that Carly Simon song stuck in my head! great image Jill!

  4. clouds via photoshop - what a great idea!! looks awesome!

  5. that is soooooo cool..... you rock!!

    thanks for linking up lovely....
    xo, Kim

  6. Clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee! Great concept, great execution! Wonderful image (and wonderful song!)!

  7. Love your photo and now I have Carly Simon singing in my ear ;)

    Happy Weekend to you and yours dear Jill

  8. Love your photos! Always so beautiful!

  9. This is awesome, Jill! The reflection looks so natural. Yep, I always try to look "up". Even the gray days are created by God. :)


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