A Download For You...Craft at Your Desk!

Since the book hearts were a big hit, it occurred to me that some people aren't inclined to get out their rulers and tear up old books.  So I thought I'd come up with a template so you could just sit at your desk, print, cut, and staple to create your own paper heart.

The problem with this idea is that I don't know graphic design nor do I have the software for such...but, I AM learning to use photoshop AND, I can take pictures!

So, using my new skills from Kim Klassen, I came up with this pattern for heart pieces that you can just print out, cut, and staple together while sitting at your desk.  I now am really getting better at clipping masks, layer masks, resizing, and using brushes.  Do you know how cool photoshop brushes are?!  They are like a digital stamp.  I used quite a few in this project.  The other images used were photos I took of pages from a very old Etude Magazine.

And, for those who want their heart to be a bit more Valentine's Day-ish, I made a second pattern.

You need to click on the images below *two times* to bring up the full size.  Then save and print.  They are sized to fit on a regular 8.5" x 11" paper.

*Follow the directions here beginning at the point "fold the 4" tab in half" to staple them together.*

Remember:  As you align them to staple the top piece, the front pattern faces in!
Front Image 1

Back Image

You can print the front with either of the front images and then flip it over and print the back side with the text only image. 

Front Image 2

This image is for the back.  It won't matter where it prints or where you cut, it will look good.

I used one of Kim's textures for the base image on this one.

Depending on your printer settings, the image will print lighter or darker.  I used just standard settings on regular printer paper
and it looked just fine!

Make one or a full garland of them!

**Note**I have changed my domain name of my blog to www.jillruth.com.  You shouldn't notice a difference but there may be a few glitches, like where is my blog list and followers list?! More to learn!


  1. Jill, you must have 30 hour days with all you accomplish! I made a short heart banner with book pages even though I have a hard time ripping apart a book. I'm taking Kim's photoshop class too! LOVE IT, even though I am a couple of days behind. I have a really old version that was on my computer for over 5 years but her classes are still awesome!

    Any more wedding ideas coming up? We sure could use the inspiration!

    Hugs ~~ Connie

  2. Great project and so nice of you to share!

  3. I just met you here a few days ago and I think I want you to marry me lol!

    These are so wonderful and your generous spirit in sharing is admirable to the tenth degree. As soon as I have time I guess I need to peruse your entire archives... OH hell 293 is not that many ...... : D


  4. Thank you for continuing with this darling idea. I love the templates and am going to print to make a garland for my front porch tonight!

  5. hello my sweet and SUPER TALENTED friend!!

    wow... i love your paper hearts... and well done!! you go!! So amazed at how quickly you have applied all this photoshop magic!!

    so happy to know you!! xxo, Kim

  6. Ok I may not go as far as Suzan and marry you but I do love you too:)
    Thanks for all the inspirations and for your generous spirit!

  7. Look at you! I love this Jill! Way to put all your newly acquired skills to use...and then you shared them with us. Too sweet!

  8. Suzan from Old Greymare sent me over to get the 'specs' on the paper hearts. They are really cool and creative.

    Thanks for sharing,

  9. You are a super star! Thank you so much for generously sharing this. I am so glad I read about you over on Old Grey Mare.

  10. I found you when Linda won your heart garland give-away! I want to kiss you!! I am secretary at our high school & this is Counselor Appreciation Week. We always have lunch and I try to make some little something for them. I came home today with the intention of going to the Jan post when you showed how to make the hearts to make one for each counselor...we have 14. THEN you have posted printable strips to make it REALLY easy! I am so pumped & again, owe you a kiss!! These 14 will be a piece of cake. I am torn whether to use old paper or just go with your downloads. THANK YOU!!

  11. I am so excited to have just
    found your blog!!
    Those hearts are darling!
    I cannot wait to make some :)


  12. Dear Jill,

    Thank you so very much for this beautiful tutorial. I have featured you on my blog today as you are helping to make 24 3rd graders very happy.

    Blessings to you!

  13. How generous of you-- and so enabling for us lazy types with a long to-do list. heehee. I don't have qualms about tearing up books, but you make this project so immediate!

    Thank you!


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