Happiness Is...

...puddles in February!!

Whenever it rains (or the snow melts) this low area right before our lane is host to a giant puddle.  I enjoy the reflection of the trees in it all the time and today took the time to go back out and shoot a picture.

This is our lane. (Now you see it through my eyes, through my window!)

It was soooooo beautiful out, I decided to enjoy my puddles closer.  Isn't it amazing how clear and beautiful the sky is reflected in a muddy puddle?  (These pictures are straight out of the camera.)

There was such depth in the image, it made me feel like I was looking in a deep lake instead of 4" of melted snow.

And, what picture of a reflective surface would be complete without a self portrait?

and, another?

We went to the farm today for my husband to take me on a field trip so to speak.  More on that tomorrow, or soon, at least!

I sure hope you had as beautiful of a day where you are as we did here!


  1. What great shots Jill! I'll have to go check out our puddles (getting to be lakes already!) to see what is reflected in them.

    Do you think this is the beginning of spring?

    Hugs ~~ Connie

  2. Those pictures are so great and so interesting. Isn't it amazing what beauty can be found in muddy water?

    The weather here in middle TN was fantastic today. I was outside painting and loving it.

  3. It looks much the same here.....Puddles everywhere.
    Love the way you look at the world around you.

  4. Those are fabo!. The first one looks like people holding hands.


  5. Fun, fun post. It's like looking at the world upside down!

  6. Ok now I am going to have to look at the puddles in a better way...instead of all the mud tracks across my kitchen floor from the furry babies enjoying the warm weather. Knowing Bob he is playing in the puddles! Beautiful shots!


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