Mosaic Monday

In the click of a world was changed...JUST KIDDING!  But, it was pretty much one click and whoosh, a virus attacked our computer.  A few days without internet is really different, and I'm pretty sure a good thing.  HOWEVER, I am glad we are back up and running! Thanks to one of my daughters and her amazing computer whiz friend!  Just throwing this out there...Microsoft Security Essentials...may be the best antiviral protection out there, and it's free!

ANYHOW!  How about a mosaic for this Monday?  I'm linking up to Mary at Little Red House for this blog party. 

This awesome old phone is what I'm using at shows to hold my business cards.  And, since I don't do a lot of holds my cards in my sewing room too!  Ha!  When I got it, the receiver was already gone, but I just loved the shape of the body of the phone.  I just popped out the center plastic piece and replaced the paper in it with one that I had typed "Dial V for Vintage" on with one of my old typewriters.  Do you see what I used on my business cards?  A wordle?!  I haven't played on that site for ages, but haven't forgotten how much fun it is!

Happy Mosaic Monday to you!


  1. I love your is awesome and so cute for holding your business cards...also I love your header photo...really cool!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  2. Oh I LOVE it....SEXY shape, FUN use of the dial & functional in so far as it now has a use again....Other than lookin' like a HOT piece of vintage that is....hahahahahaha....Now when can I get me one of those....!

    Tamarah :o)

  3. I love this! I'm frantically searching for an old tractor to use for my cards in Warrenton... but - I could do an old phone... maybe a cinder block!!!

    This rocks! ;-D

  4. What a great way to display your business cards! and an exciting new life for a dear old phone, as well.

  5. Love the old phone and a great way to display your business cards ~ wonderful idea ;-)

  6. This is fantastic. I love the look. And your business card reminds me that I've not played with wordle for a long time, either.

  7. That is an awesome idea!! Great use for your old phone! I bought an old phone receiver last week at an antique phone, just the receiver...maybe it was yours :)

  8. Cool phone and great cards! Dial V for Vintage sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock title :)

  9. love your blog and I have also done the snippet rolls..will blog about it and link you as well..Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Oh I am finaly here when I caught up with my "where you sit blogging post" and realised I'd missed some comments - so sorry !

    I've been admiring your beautiful candle displays - heavenly

  11. I love your card holder! What a great idea :)

  12. Yes! Put that great old junk to good use! Brilliant idea! The center dial is a great detail.

    And I am still reeling from your wired candles post. Awesome textures (the button "gravel" is genius!)

    That's me fainting from sensory over load.

  13. Perfect way to re-purpose an old phone!


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