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Well, Nathalie took a picture because Penny took a picture...to show where they blogged.  So, I thought I would post this picture.  My son took this back in September when he was messing around with my camera. See short sleeves?  Ah, some day again!  It was night time and dark in the room.  Well, this is where I blog and often how I am at the computer; with one of my little gals and sometimes both in my lap.  Although, they have both gotten so big, they can barely both sit in my lap now!

I thought this was fun, seeing these bloggers "at home".  How about you?  If you have a blog, would you want to post a photo of you "in action"?!  Please let me know if you do.  I'd love to read about it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh dear Lord, NO, emphatic, sure as shooting, no way, no how NO!

    Usually I am unkempt, in mismatched PJ's, bleary eyed at 2 am...

    Have I mentioned NO?
    : D


  2. This picture is so dear Jill. I am sooo glad you shared it. Now, if I could only blog with two little sweeties in my lap...that would be sheer bliss to me. but my girls are now 34, 32, 30, and 27...so I don't think they'll go for it. Maybe I could talk two of my little grands into it though.
    hugs to you...

  3. Oh, I love this. I will do it.... hopefully soon. I'm in my robe.....

  4. I might consider it...giggle. Sometimes I blog in my jammies ;-)

  5. Well, I like your office space. It's BROWN! Such a sweet photo. Alas I am not as maternal. I can't see around my 6 year old's head to be able to type and post (she does not sit still well!) We may BROWSE together, but not BLOG together. heehee

  6. How adorable is this picture? These are the kinds of photos that will bring big crocodile tears to your eyes one day. Little ones grow way too fast!

  7. I love this pic! as for me, well it wold take me all day to tidy up my space and then the light would be gone, no really it would... that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Mx

  8. Posted me in "action"- love your view!

  9. So adorable! I saw your blog mentioned in the new Flea Market Style Magazine! Now I'm sure you will inspire to many more!
    Happy Sunday.

  10. Cute picture! You are inspiring future bloggers!
    I had to stop by and congratulate you on your mention in Flea Market Style magazine. I'm very excited for you and all the blogs mentioned. I totally agree with their choices!!


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