Out My Window

Nebraska is cold and white today.  No school.  Bitterly cold.  I'm so glad we haven't had too much snow to go with the wind!  This is the view from our powder room window.  You didn't think I stepped out to take a picture did you?!  So I had a screen texture added to my photo straight from my camera!  Of course I did a little more thanks to my new found knowledge from the wonderful Kim.

You can see a corner of the tank garden behind the barn.  I yearn for warmer weather and to be digging in the garden.  Soon enough, I tell myself.

Stay warm everyone!


  1. ah! This is our view too today (although my porch is not as prettily appointed as yours :) We (mid Missouri) are expected to have well over a foot of snow fall when this is all over.

    Stay warm and take lots of photos! The screen doesn't some to detract from your picures. :)

  2. Hello Jill,

    We're hearing about the snow out east. A good day to stay warm at home.

    I put up a post and linked to your paper heart tutorial. What a fun, and addicting project.

  3. How funny I thought, the picture was taken from your POWDER room, as everything is covered in POWDER snow! It's a lovely picture. I must say how I am so looking forward to your garden this year! All is well here,and I do so hope that your family is also well!



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