Jar Wraps

Labeling and organizing...seems to be the focus for many these days.  The simple addition of a word can transform a work of art.  Now, these aren't works of art, but they are fun to wrap around a jar to get yourself organized or to just add bit of "cheerfulness" to a shelf.

Jar wraps to fit around any pint size canning jars!!

To make it flexible and adjustable, I closed it with buttons and string.  I love string.

I have a few more ideas of words and embellishments to add, but I'd love hear any suggestions that you may have!  I will be adding these to my etsy shop  as time allows.

The snow is melting a bit today...hooray!!


  1. love these...I'm all about labeling and organizing.

  2. Love the wraps...I have had candle jar wraps laid aside to do and never got there...now that I am trying to clean the craft room maybe I better do some for crafts!!!

  3. Hi Jill~
    I have been thumbing through your blog....I just love you. We really have so much in common. I adore Christmas with plaid. It is so fun! Everything is just too cute.

  4. what a cute idea, you asked for words, JUNK, STUFF, ODDITIES, ODDS & ENDS, THIS & THAT, or you can just let it up to who buys it for their favirite word.

  5. I always enjoy seeing your fun creations! My wrap to go on my mason jar would need to say "Moonshine". ha! ~Mindy

  6. Love the jars! You always have such amazing projects.
    Please stop by as you have won a gift from me, if you could email your info to me I could send this before I leave on Thursday. Thank you so much

  7. ADORABLE! A great way to turn ANY saved jar into attractive storage!

  8. Yo! I made about 20 of these for Christmas gifts this year! Thank you for the inspiration!

    See 'em here: www.heartsandsharts.com/?p=38 - Linked back to ya!

    Thanks again!


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