I Was Like a 40something Year Old At Christmastime...

You could say I was excited...

Before Christmas I was the winner of a couple of awesome giveaways!  This is a beau soleil bag that I won from the Debbie at the Pink Pig Blog.  Her brick and mortar shop, the Pink Pig is located in Westport NY, but you can shop online here.  You'll love browsing her shop from home.  She has some beautiful items!  This bag has so many wonderful pockets and will hold such treasures while out junking...who needs that old fanny pack?!?!

Thank you Debbie!! 

On a side note I just made a pile of tote bags that need to hit the washer...This one will stay off the floor of the suburban and won't be used for books and toys!

But that wasn't all...I also won the big giveaway from Gina at Vintage Junk in my Trunk!  Gina is a vintage vendor and upcycler and I know you'll love her blog!

The box I received was full of vintage goodness.  Lots of Christmas items, tags, and ephemera.  Some of it, I've already used!  There was this pretty little pedastal plate that she made by adding a vintage glass candlestick as the base.  I love it and think it will end up in my bathroom to catch jewelry at the end of the day..not sure yet...it's soooo pretty!

And, look at the pretty ring in my package!!  It's has an adjustable band and even fits my big size 8 finger.  I would have modeled it but....I don't have the most photogenic hands.  No, I don't.  Isn't it just lovely?

Then there was this great art deco towel holder.  I think it will go in my sewing room, gosh, I love art deco!

And, that's the snow that fell yesterday behind my new awesome towel rack!  Thank goodness the wind hasn't blown yet!  Look at the pretty mounds!

Last, but not least...she included a vintage folding ruler!!

And, yes, I love it too!  I wish I could tell you that my mad photoshop skills allowed me to make this neat photo collage...but I cheated and used Picasa to make and edit the collage.  I did take and edit the photos in photoshop first though!  

Thanks so much Gina for the wonderful package!!


  1. Jill... I love that tote bag!!! And the ring? Good gravy girl - I can only imagine! AND YOUR SNOW!!! I'm green with envy!

    Will you send some my way? Or bring it and come visit?

    ;-D I'm off to check out the store and Gina's blog!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Good stuff! No wonder you are running around like a crazy 40something year old! I'm headed to the store now. Thanks! ~Mindy

  3. Now that's an impressive bunch o' goodies! Enjoy. The snow looks beautiful, I kinda miss snow, these days that I don't have to schlep about it in it!

  4. Love that ring(!) and footed plate and bag and... I love it all! Beautiful snow photo too. We got about 6" in my part of Missouri. 3 snow days so far (I am READY for the kids to return to school)

  5. ah..found it...i never would have realized that was the comment spot...i bet you would be getting more comments if it said 'comment' ? just sayin'....:)

  6. Hello Jill....!

    I hope you're well Lovey....!

    CONGRATULATIONS on BOTH your wins you lucky LUCKY girl.... :o) !!

    THANKS so much for your recent comment....I'm sorry to have caused you concern but I'm GLAD you were able to have a chuckle.... :o) !!

    Have a GREAT week....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

    PS: I LOVE your new header but I MISS your old one....I found two old silver wood stove kettles recently to replicate it....!!


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