Weekend Finds

I had a little bit of thrifting time on Friday and came home with this lovely assortment.  Glass candle holders?!  Really?  Yep!  I have never given much thought to candle holders.  I have a few; just what I need for when we put out candles, but the large assortment available at the thrift store made me stop, pause, and buy.  The candles on the right actually came from Hobby Lobby (half price).  I have a plan, sort of.  It involves the above collection of candle holders, candles, + burlap, + wire.  We'll see how it pans out....Also, in the mix is some old silver pieces and clay pots with a great patina. 

I plan to list that awesome desk lamp on Etsy unless I use it for task lighting in the basement.  I always get excited when I find flashbulbs.  I just think they are so neat, they photograph beautifully and there seems to be a desire for them on Etsy.

Isn't this great chippy paint on this light fixture?  It needs new wiring but really has a nice look about it.  It's hard to appreciate it when it's just sitting and not hanging. I was pretty tickled with my purchases!

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day!


  1. What a cool drafting lamp. great industrial piece, and who could resist that logo OX?
    Happy Valentines Day, dear Jill!

  2. Oh my gosh - those little saucers are GORGEOUS!!! And the lamp is WAY cool!!!

    Have fun today!!!

  3. I'm loving the old desk lamp, too!!! How cool! So interesting about the flashbulbs!!!

  4. What wonderful treasures~ I love the plates and the desk lamp ~ wow ~ I just found your blog through common ground. I think it's FABULOUS Happy Valentine's Day ~ I'm your newest follower ;-)

  5. Great lamp!I have one (well, maybe actually several...) in brown.Enjoy your great finds.

  6. Great haul! my fav is the hanging lamp!


  7. Happy day to you, too. Great finds!


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