Kids' Valentine Project

We had a 4-H meeting last night and since we've been working on learning some simple stitches,  I made up kits for them to practice at home.  **With the help of my husband...since he's still non weight bearing on his foot...I told him cutting out cardboard hearts for his wife shows what a true man he is. :)

food boxes
craft punches
yarn in red and white (or color of choice)
large eyed needle
paper to label the hearts

I thought I'd share the idea if anyone has kids or step it up to fabric and a frame and make it your self.  
**Cut out three hearts from paper board (food boxes with predominantly red and white colors)
**Pre punch the holes with a craft punch.  We used a big one and a little one
**Use a blanket stitch, an overcast stitch, and a running stitch to stitch around the hearts.  If you make big holes, you could just tape around the end of your red yarn and not use a needle.
**Type out labels in the font of your choice or hand letter them.
**Glue to the back side of a big panel cut from a food box.
**Punch holes around the "frame" and do a running stitch with yarn to complete the frame.
**Tie a string around the yarn in the back to hang it.

Blanket Stitch Tutorial:

You can certainly step this up with more effort depending on the age of the kids.

I hope you have a nice weekend!  I have a new gadget...a gift from my two of my kids for my birthday, so I'll be fiddling with it this weekend.  More on it later when I have more to tell. :)  I did capture my signature with it though.


  1. How CUTE!!! What an adorable way to teach kids how to stitch! I'm pinning it! Thanks for sharing Jill!

  2. love your blog! your newist follower!
    Mark @ room363

  3. It IS a great way to teach stitching! And kids SO need this! And good for your husband....he did good! Hope he's back to weight bearing soon. (been there!!)

  4. He's a keeper then! ;) I remember after my husbands car accident and he was "chair bound" for the most part. He did a lot of tedious work for me for the shop. Great to have a guy who is always willing to contribute!

  5. I remember doing something like this at school, it's ringing a vague bell! such a cool idea.
    A new gadget?? I am intrigued, do tell! Mx

  6. What an awesome Sampler. I love recycled materials, too. Perfect for Valentine's Day, so I'm glad I stopped by for a visit. Since I don't hand stitch due to my arthritic hands, I will admire from afar.

  7. I forgot to mention, I save the tea light holders for the sides. I don't keep the bottom. I cut the side (the band) away from the bottom and flatten it. I then turn these bands into metal words or phrases by writing from the back side with an old (dead) ink pen. The letters are then raised when I turn the piece over. It takes a minute or two to remember how to write backwards, but then it is easy as anything.

  8. I LOVE this! You are so clever (are you tired of hearing that from me?!) This project has some of my favorite elements- recycled cardboard and stitchery!


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