Saturday Digest

We had snow/hail with thunder yesterday.  Really cool!

Another window seat project....more to follow.

This is the new "toy" I received for my birthday that I mentioned a few posts back.  If you draw, you may love it!  I'm using it for editing in Photoshop.  Makes my brain work. :) and, hurt. :) That "old dog" adage comes to mind.

The products web page is here

**I've ordered wool roving to try my hand at these. Oh my. So pretty.  But even better still, these that Lisa sells. But, currently, sold out. :(

**We get faster internet service on Tuesday.  ~~happy~~dance~~

**Wishing a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Flippin' eck, what a mix of weather. That felting is soooo cool, not surprised they are sold out. Such good news about faster internet! Suzy x


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