Dreams of a Moonlight Garden

As you plan your garden for this year, you might consider white.  

When we first moved into our house one of my flower beds was deemed the "Moonlight Garden"  and I had hopes and dreams of white flowers glowing at dusk and illuminated by the moon.  Well, 15 years later, I still have the dream. :) The soil was poor, my attention to the bed has had a wee bit of competition, but  I still plant white flowers in pots and enjoy those at dusk.

I took the photos in the two mosaics at dusk one night last summer.  They are straight out of the camera with no editing, I think you can tell how they just pop at dusk and if you have bright moonlight, by the moon.

I have also found that light purple plants are gorgeous at dusk.  I remember the bloom of the milkweed plant  and Husker Red Penstemon being amazing as the sun went down.

This web page gives you a list of good plants to use in your moonlight garden

This link: a lot of information on moonlight gardens

This page: videos on a moonlight garden (scroll down)

I would really like to hear your experiences with  moonlight gardening!

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  1. I love all white gardens. Most of what I plant...and manages to live...is shades of white.

  2. I've been intrigued by the idea of a moonlight garden, but have never planted one. Maybe this will be the year. Can you share what plants you prefer in yours?

  3. what a sweet idea .... white and green are so restful .... your photos have me wishing for spring!

  4. uhmmm... i have some white silk flowers. I'm going to go put them outside when it quits raining.

    Or... I could continue to live vicariously through your gardening skills. :)

    ADORE your photos... they are each and every one of them gorgeous!!!


  5. I use white in my shade gardens - white bleeding hearts, white striped hostas, and lily of the valley really show well in the shade.

    Following you on Linky!

  6. I had a white garden...once
    there came a point when I just couldn't stand it anymore and some raspberry tansy snuck in with it's firm yellow button blossoms and well you know how that can go

    I am totally charmed by your vision of a white garden Jill!
    AND your cheesies above are making me hungry in the middle of the night ;)

  7. I had an all white garden for a long time then when we repainted the house I planted more bold colors. I've now started slowly changing back. The problem for me is that there are such great plants that don't come in white. One of these days I will have a backyard and not just trees and woods. The cobblers children have no shoes kinda thing.


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