Recycled Hearts

I had given away all of my denim and there was a HUGE box full and I was convinced that I did not want to make anything more with denim.

Well, with as many of us as there are here, one starts to accumulate denim without even trying.  Jeans too torn to giveaway, broken zippers, etc.  I love to patch jeans for us to wear again, but if they are too small for the kids, there's no point to patch them as even thrift stores don't sell patched jeans.  So, a pile of jeans "to be crafted" as grown again.

And, I decided that I wanted to use denim again.

I had in my head a bean bag heart that would sit on it's side.  Casual, plump-like.

And, lately, I like the word "loved", as an adjective not the past tense of love.  

The crocheted covered rock came as a gift from a far away friend. :)  Love it!

This is the other side of my small plump denim heart.  All patchy and full of stitching.  The plan was to stick a "little something" in the pocket but it hasn't happened yet.  Oh well.

I think these plump and casual hearts could certainly sit out longer than just for Valentine's Day.

I've decided there are a lot more bean bags/rice bags in my future.  They feel so nice to hold and they sit easily where/how you want them too.  And the kids can throw them!

Try out saying "loved" as in... I am loved.  
You are.  
From our Father above.  
Go ahead and say it.  
Feels good, doesn't it?


  1. These are so great! And, yes, I am loved! Great post! Happy V Day!

  2. Wonderful hearts for all year long. And even more wonderful to know I am loved! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Really lovely post Jill and your hearts are so very special too!

    You and your creativity are Loved!
    p.s. Love being Loved always!


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