More Snowflake Ballerinas

I thought I'd show you more of the snow flake ballerinas while the weather is still cold. :)
These hang in the toy room.  I took care to shoot the picture above the rest of the cluttered mess.
The toy room is a bit of a catch all room.

These are the ballerinas that are geared for little hands.

My girls making these were 6 and 7 and have done quite a bit of crafting in their little lives and they still needed quite a bit of help.  I think colored paper for the dancer's bodies and skipping the glitter would be a good idea.  My gals would disagree though.

I read later on a blog somewhere, I'm sorry I don't remember where, to use coffee filters for snowflakes.  
Boy, would that be a great idea for little hands!  It's quite hard for the younger ones to cut the paper snowflakes even if you only fold the paper twice.

But, no matter how they are glittered or cut, they seem to turn out graceful and pretty hanging from a snow like piece of garland!


  1. They are so pretty. Such a clever idea.

    Funny how we carefully take our photos to edit out the mess, isn't it?

  2. your beautiful little girlies must have loved making these and spending crafting time with their clever mom.

  3. Oh, those are beautiful!!! I'll be glad when my granddaughter can do stuff like that. She's only 14 months.... so I have awhile. ha!

  4. oh these are so very precious and I can just imagine how your sweet girls "sparkled" after making them :)

    being able to crop photos is a great feature, isn't it

  5. How charming! And such a fun project to share with children!


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