Tank Garden Update

 I was way behind on the tank garden this spring because of graduation.  I've been waiting for some color to appear to take some pictures.
I picked up this stainless steel gazing ball last year after losing two glass balls in hail storms.

What's blooming beautifully right now is the honeysuckle vine.  It smells divine!!!

And, has completely engulfed my Schwinn!  I have two patches of this vine in the tank garden and both were started from a shoot from the vine in the back yard.  It's easy to get going.  

I sure hope this feed box fills out with blooms.  There's another little yellow plant on top that you can't see in the picture.

 Moss roses are about the only thing I dare to put in my little strainer planters as they get very dry between waterings, but the moss roses can take it.
That's heliotrope in the big tub below.  I sure hope to keep it alive this year.  I had poor results with my first attempt with heliotrope last year.  It smells so sweet too!

My big project for the garden this year was to get my doors mounted, and it's done!!

Now that they are secured, I can add adornments as I have time. 

And, look at the crazy tree thing that grew up last year by my rusty culvert!  We have no idea what it is!  In the fall all the branches just fell off and I thought maybe it was dead, but this spring it started growing again and it is really neat.  I really want to identify it.  Anyone know?

More daisies. :)

I have a lot of herbs that need drying now, so hopefully I get to it!  

~wishing for you a very nice day~


  1. Your garden is enchanting! I love it all, and your photos really do it justice. I just acquired an old rusty tool box which I hope to turn into a planter... you have definitely inspired me!

  2. Oh thank you thank you....have been wondering what was going on in the tank garden! What a magical place! I have heliotrope this year too...mine is going gang-busters paired with lantana....love the doors! We have honeysuckle bushes that are huge..even after trimming way back this year.

  3. I love your wall of doors. That is an awesome idea.

  4. Everything looks wonderful! Love the doors! Don't know about the tree...sorry... perhaps a close up of a leaf would help? Probably not though. ha! Great, great place you have!

  5. Your tank garden is amazing. I love seeing photos of it. The doors are a wonderful striking feature.

  6. the aqua doors against the red siding are eye-popping...along with the plants and the rust - a lovely place to sit and relax...

  7. That could be a squirrel-planted walnut tree! Maybe! It also looks a bit like those "weed" trees that come up along roadsides and uncleared land. Whatever it might be, your tank garden is Fabulosso!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xoxoxoxoxo from me, the other Ruth....

  8. Love the door wall! Visiting from Amy of Four Corners.


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