Mosaic Monday

About 15 years ago, there were fun happy daisies growing at the front of our property in the weeds/grass.  I went out to dig them up and transplant them into our new garden.  

Technically, I'm pretty sure they are a mum and not a daisy, but mums don't sound like "fun" or "happy" and they look like daisies!

As I was digging, the neighbor across the road was out and we chatted some.  I didn't know him too well, but he was very friendly and I knew he was a school teacher.
I commented that I thought it was so odd that these daisies were growing there out of the blue.
He said, oh no he had pulled a bunch from his yard and threw them over in our field and they must have seeded.  He said they grow like weeds!

He and his family moved not long after I dug up the daisies.

Well 15 years later those plants he discarded as weeds, have multiplied and have brought me so much happiness.  I had daisies in our poor soil even when other plants wouldn't do well. 

I've even shared some plants with others.

I saw through a friend on Facebook that this gentleman recently died.  The flowers have always been a reminder to me of him and now they are a reminder for me to pray for him and his family.

Interesting, that even an action as throwing something that you regard as nothing or a nuisance can bring someone else much pleasure.  

Interesting, that God can use us even when when we are completely unaware.


  1. Beautiful images, and post. I love those "daisies" too.

  2. I love that you made the connection..that we all impact each other and this earth. If only..everyone could see....

  3. Great connection between daisies and being used in someone's life. Your photos are so pretty. I love daisies/mums, too.

  4. What a lovely reminder of this gentleman.

  5. Wonderful story. Love the the memory...

  6. If i had to guess i would say those are Shasta Daisies and not mums at all...Thanks for sharing! Hugs! deb


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