Friday Finds

My brother is working on the storage sheds at my Mom's.
So, we've been sorting through some treasures!

I can't express how cool I think this very old shopping basket is!! Look at the handle on the cane. :)
The two stools the basket is sitting on need some work and a base, but will be wonderful.

I didn't take a side picture of this old tote that has been repaired with can lids.  But, I will.  Maybe my Dad didn't do the repair and he bought it like this from an auction, but it is just like the type of repair he would have made!

The chair is fairly sturdy and I'm in for all things photography.

An old milking stool is holding the AWESOME set of stencils!

I guess it's actually called a Stencil Outfit.

You can see it all needs some cleaning and it may take me awhile to get that done, but in time, I will.

I'm thrilled with my finds!

I'm linking up this week with Kim Klassen's Friday Finds.

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  1. I like that shopping basket and the stencils too - tres cool!

  2. OMG! your finds are the it all...I know you will too...

  3. Those are wonderful treasures. Most of all I like the top photo of the treasures! That's a lovely vignette!

  4. Wow, very cool stuff! I especially love the stencils and their container!

  5. Great finds! Love the stencils and the tote!!!!

  6. Love the milking stool. I am looking for one of those. You will love the chair, I use mine all the time.

  7. amazing finds - and I am green over the stencil kit - that is so cool!

  8. Those are some great finds, Jill. The old tool tote is wonderful. And the stencils - so much potential for creativity there! Have fun.

  9. Oh my these are wonderful finds. what an inviting blog you have - I love the header!

  10. Hi Jill, what a lovely lot of finds! I have a set of the very same stencils too! xCarole


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